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Elite Battlegrounds Super Sale May 6-8 2016

Elite Battlegrounds Free Comic Book Day Sale May 6, 7, and 8 2016
All Back issues 50% off
All Comic Supplies 10% Off
All Graphic Novels – 25% off
All Subscriptions Picked up by May 8th 10% off

Collectible Toys
All non SDCC Exclusives 25% off (Include pop!)
All Statues 30% off
All Gundam 25% off

All board games BOGOHO (Buy 1 get one ½ off)
All Pathfinder Materials 50% off

Games Workshop
All GW Products instock including paints 60% off

CCG Supplies
(Sleeves, Dice, Playmats, Tubes, Deck Boxes) 25% Off

MTG – All Booster Boxes 10% Off
All Intro Decks 75% off
All 3.99 packs 3 for $10.00
Booster Boxes 10% Off
Structure/Starter Decks 25% off
Sealed Play Kits 2 & 3 35% off
All 3.99 packs 3 for $10.00

Products Excluded from Sale
MtG/Yugioh Singles, Food, New Comics, YugiOh Playmats on the wall, Shining Victories Booster Boxes
No other Coupons or Discounts will be honored. Customer Loyalty Program will be honored. Discounts will be taken at the register

FCBD 2016

We will be participating in this event this year. We will have nearly every FCBD title available to the public. We will be limiting the titles to 10 unique titles per person unless a $10.00 purchase is made. Then you may get 1 of every title available (Until quantities run out).

Elite Battlegrounds.

2 Year Anniversary Sale Aug 24 – Aug 30

Elite Battlegrounds 2015 Anniversary Sale
Aug 24 – 31

Comics/TP’s/Graphic Novels

Buy 2 get 1 Free (Lowest Price of the three)
• Does not include new comics or subscriptions
• Clear your box special (10% off entire order if you clear your box this week of all titles)

Comic Supplies 25% off

Toys, Board Games, Gundam, Posters

Buy 2 get 1 Free (Lowest Price of the three)
• Does not include special orders already placed or new orders placed

Statues 40% off

Games Workshop 50% off all in store stock (Including Paints)


All T-shirts Buy 1 get 1 Free (Excludes Elite Battlegrounds Hoodie/DeadPool)
Dead Pool Hoodie – $25.00 each
Playmats * /Playtubes/Deck Boxes/Sleeves/Dice/Binders 25% off
*(Does not include hanging yugioh matts on walls)

MtG Intro Decks 30% off
MtG Event/Duel Decks 50% Off (Excludes FtV: Angels, Eldrazzi vs Zendikar (releases 8/28))
Yugioh Star Pack Box $25.00 per box (while supplies last)
Yugioh Geargaria Structure Deck $5.00
MtG/Yugioh Singles – 10% off

Hot Specials

All Walking Dead products (Except comics) 50% off
All Game of Thrones products 50% off

Customer Appreciation Cards will be accepted
Discounts will be taken at the register
No Discounts for Pre-Orders will be accepted.

FCBD – Saturday May 2

We will be hosting free comic book day from 10am to 6pm this Saturday. Free comics will be limited to 10 unique titles per person. Only 1 copy per title please.

We also have Will Torres available for signings and sketches from 10am to 6pm.

Will Torres artwork can be seen in Hollywood actor Seth Green comic book property “Freshmen Summer Vacation Special #1” from Top Cow Productions and After Shock Comics The Sire: Revelations #1. Currently you can see artwork (pin-ups) from Torres featured in Blue Waters Productions titles Valkyrie #1, 10th Muse 800 #1 and Judo Girl & Venus One-Shot #1. Torres has branched out into other entertainment media with his artwork. His artwork is featured in new episodes of A&E hit reality series, Dog the Bounty Hunter and the independent film “Oral Fixation” produced by RedLine Studios that will be in theaters late 2009.

As always our staff will be in full costume to take pictures with.