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Elite Battlegrounds Holiday Bash!!

Elite Battlegrounds Holiday Sale Dates – 11/25 – 11/27


Comics                                                                                                                             Games

All Back issues $5.00 or less : $1.00 each                                                          All board games 50%  Off

All Comic Supplies 20% Off

All Graphic Novels – 50% off

All Subscriptions Picked up by Nov 27 25% off

All CGC Graded Comics 50% off

All Comics $10.00 or over 25% off


Collectible Toys                                                                                                Games Workshop

All Toys 50% off                                                                  All GW Products instock including paints 60%

All Statues 65% off                                                       All Dr. Who Products 50% Off

All Gundam 50% off

All Pop Figures 50% Off


CCG Supplies                                                                                                        Posters/T-Shirts

All CCG Supplies                                                                                                  All posters T-shirts 50% off

(Sleeves, Dice, Playmats, Tubes, Deck Boxes) 45% Off



MTG – All Booster Boxes (Current Sets) $100.00

All Yu-Gi-Oh/MtG  Singles : 20% off TCG Mid

All $3.99 Boosters can be used for 3 for $10.00 special (Mix and Match is fine)

YuGiOh Starter Deck: $2.50

YuGiOh Destiny Soldiers/ Invasion Booster Boxes: $65.00 each or 2 for $115.00

MtG Commander Decks: $25.00 each


Products Excluded from Sale

Food, Beverages, New Comics,

No other Coupons or Discounts will be honored.  Five Stars Loyalty Program will be honored.

Discounts will be taken at the register