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53 Responses to Contact

  • Bob nnn says:

    Looking to sell a 200 short box comic collection – basically DC – stored in Plainfield about ten minutes from new store – interested?

    • says:

      Hi Bob, thanks for the offer but right now we are concentrating on the opening of the store and are not buying back issues at this time. Please check back with us in a few months and we can let you know if we are ready.



  • Alan Williams says:

    Definitely need back issue bins of comics.Even 50¢ bins would be great for comic readers who aren’t picky about condition and to get young kids started!

  • muaddib says:

    Visited the store today for the first time. Outstanding customer service! Looking forward to Yu-Gi-Oh and Warhammer games.

    • says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words and shopping here at Elite Battlegrounds. We look forward to serving your hobby needs.

  • Play3rFTW says:

    Quick question, when would one guess a proper opportunity to say ask about potential employment in such an establishment
    as thus?

    • says:

      At this time I am fully staffed. I would say check back with the store sometime in February. Thank you for your interest working for the store. Jim

  • captainnemo says:

    Congratulations on the Store. An awesome looking place. Lots of room. I do like your open gaming schedule. My partner and I are looking for places to demo our game, “Secrets of the Lost Tomb.” Here’s the scoop:
    Our Kickstarter is Live.
    Secrets of the Lost Tomb is a Fully Cooperative, Cinematic Pulp Action Adventure Board Game for 3-6 Players. Funding begins at $1. We are grateful for all pledges. Check here for the link to the Kickstarter project:

  • Play3rFTW says:

    HEY! one question when u guys gonna start carrying WarmaHordes minis and stuff like that last i saw all there was like 2 tools from privateer press on the shelves(granted like 2-3 months ago this was)

    • says:

      We may start carrying them in the new year however we can order them with no problem. Players are still finding out they can play here.

  • Mike says:

    Quick question, but I’m a college student currently looking for potential working opportunities during the summer months. Was just curious as to whether or not applying here would be a possibility? Just looking for part time things. Big comic fan, and I love the new store so close to me now. Thanks for taking the time to read.

    • says:

      Apply as we get closer to May/June. Applications will not be considered if Fri/Sat/Sun availability is not offered

        • says:

          As a new business I was unaware what my staffing needs might be, especially coming out of 4th quarter. Upon review of my existing staffs availability as well as the needs of the business I will not be hiring until the summer months when we extend store operating hours.

  • Lin says:

    Hi, was wondering if your store runs the Star Trek: Attack Wing “Dominion War” Organized Play Events.

    If yes, when would the next event be held?Would there be an entrance fee to participate?


    • says:

      I would love to run these events. There would not be any charge as we would classify it as open gaming. I just do not have the interest in the game at this time. With that in mind however I could at least create the event and see who comes.

  • Jason Alatorre says:

    Hey Jim I got those samples to bring to your store tomorrow afternoon. A few of them will be on sale as well.

    • says:

      Our store hours will be extended first week in June. We will post the new hours the last week of May

  • Paul says:

    Hey quick question, is Elite Battlegrounds interested in buying Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic: The Gathering singles? I’m looking to sell preferably for store credit.

    • says:

      Hi Paul we do indeed. My employees John and Andy handle the Yu-gi-oh singles and I look at the MtG. Were all here on Saturdays if you would like to bring them in.

  • Tom says:

    Hey, do you guys buy Magic: The Gathering packs? If so, how much each? (These packs are from Journey into Nyx.)

  • Eric says:

    I don’t see where to email, so I will leave it here. I’m looking for
    4x Spirit Mantle
    3x Path to Exile
    4x Keen Sense

    • says:

      Hi Eric

      Unfortunately we do not have those cards. I currently carry from RtR block and above. I also do not have individual cards from the commanders set (Path to Exile)
      Thank you for asking though.

  • Play3rFTW says:

    hey was curious if there were any store positions available I’m only asking because my full time job has hit a snag with work demand so really even a few days out if the week be good for me or if there is an application I have to fill out ill gladly come in and fill it out

  • amqueue says:

    I found your store today, and mentioned it to a friend of mine who was looking for games that her favorite online game shopping site has sold out. Do you have an online catalog? She was hoping to see if you carried stuff she wanted so I could pick it up for her. If you do, I can’t find it. 🙁 Look forward to seeing more of your store!

    • says:

      Hello, we are currently working on our online store and hope to have it completely up and running in January. In the mean time please feel free to call us and we will work on getting the games in. Thank you


  • marco says:

    I have a binder of magic cards and was wondering if guys buy single magic cards? Please respond soon as I am trying to get rid of these as quickly as I can, thank you

    • says:

      Hi Marco, our TCU location is the one that is currently buying Magic singles. If you want to give them a call an ask to speak with Candace she is the Magic buyer at that store.


    • says:

      It is free unless we hold draft ($15.00) or sealed deck (25.00) We believe in a casual environment so the prizes are smaller than other locations. We also offer teaching on Saturdays from 11am to 1 pm

    • says:

      We do not send any emails out. We only post to the website. Please report the email as malicious. If you could please send me the exact address that is being used to solicit to you as I will report it as well. Thank you
      James @ Elite Battlegrounds.

  • Max says:

    Hi. My friend and I have recently started playing Yu-Gi-Oh! again and saw your store was in range. My friend has come to your store many times for Friday Night Magic and told me that your store does Yu-Gi-Oh! as well. I would love to come here with him for a tournament one day, but I was just curious as to how many people come on the Sunday and Monday tournaments? I would love to come and play with a bunch of new people and visit your store. I’ve heard great things about it! Thanks so much.


    • says:

      On a Sunday we pull around 25 to 40 players, depending if a YCS or ARG is in the area. With the new school year approaching we do not know what our Mondays will look like. We are estimating around 10 but again we dont know.

    • says:

      You can call the store directly and ask for Jim. Best times are Monday-Thursday during normal business hours of the store.

    • Play3rFTW says:

      Im only asking because work is halted at my full time job for the time being so i need something i can do to earn money for bills rent etc