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Family Board Game Night

Beginning  Thus 9/12/2013 at 6pm we will be hosting our first in store gaming event.  This weeks game will be Fluxx (Ages 8+) If you purchase or order the featured game of the week a discount of 10% will be applied.

Each week a different game will be featured with different age groups in mind.


Warhammer Table Top Battles

Setup a time that is good for you and reserve a table!  Its that easy.  When we get enough players a set schedule can be setup.


In-Store Roleplaying 

DM’s wishing to run events just need to reserve a table to begin play.  As these games are run by individuals and not the store each DM is able to set their requirements for ages, character lvls and such.


FNM – Friday Night Magic

Each Friday we will be having a MtG FnM Event.  It changes each week so just check on the calendar of events to see what is playing when.  In any case these are primarily casual events (Dads & Sons, Young Kids, others who just want to have fun) where the focus is enjoying the atmosphere and the game over the prize structure of the event.

Yu-Gi-Oh Sunday

Each Sunday we will be hosting a Yu-Gi-Oh gaming event both for Jr’s and Experts.  Jr’s play for free and learn how a tournament structure would run.  Experts are those that want a friendly but competitive environment to play.



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